Sumpter Dredge, Sumpter, Oregon

When dredge #3 was inducted into the fleet in 1934 it was hoped that Sumpter would prosper more than ever. The miners working underground were finding more gold than the enormous dredges; dredge workers were nervous for their jobs. Joe Bush reportedly died while trying to repair one of the gear mechanisms while the dredge was still in operation because he didn't want to halt the search for gold.

Twenty years after Dredge #3 (one of it's many names) began its work, it was halted. And haunted. Wet footprints on the deck, strange sounds, missing objects. The ghost-like visions and eerie sounds are said to be the work of Joe Bush. Apparently his good intentions to save the mining company time and money led to his unsettling death - which he has not forgotten nor forgiven. Sumpter Dredge Sun

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